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Good and friend service


Excellent staff and low prices. I would refer anyone that goes to ask for Derek


Got my car out quick and easy


I've gone to these guys quite a few times for my car needs. This has included oil changes, fixing breaks, coolant flushing, and a host of other needs. They've always been friendly, knowledgeable, and timely. Many of the guys who work here (especially Kenny, he's awesome) have families of their own and know how rough it can be to try to get your car fixed without being cheated, and look out for their customers as much as possible. Their prices are also very fair, and what's also helpful is they've networked around town. If there's something they can't do, they know someone dependable who can. For example, I took my car to be inspected at a business which shall remain nameless, and which told me my car had failed, and it would be about $500+ to fix. I took it to R&R for a second opinion, and they suggested the BP place on Bayview and Chesapeake. I took it there, and my car passed inspection, although they suggested I look into getting something fixed. I took it back to R&R, and they did it for $200 less than the first business asked for. It's not often I highly suggest an auto place, but R&R Motor I'll definitely recommend.


It's nice to have a place you can trust. We have had our cars worked on by R&R and it's always done well, quickly, and you can leave knowing they were honest with what needed to be done.


I initially reached out to RR Auto for a quote to replace my compressor, and I was so pleasantly surprised. Not only was the gentleman ( owner I think) very friendly, professional but his estimate was far beyond fair. I have dreaded auto mechanics simply because so many of them aren't honest, and he was able to give me a reasonable final cost, $500 less than other quotes! I also asked for assistance with my Audi and he once again exceeded my expectations by sending me to another shop, simply because he felt that German engineered vehicles was not specialty, when in the past I've had mechanics 'try' to mend the problem fully aware of their inability to so do properly. That particular shop was also very fair, honest and did a fantastic job on my car. This is a wonderful shop ran by a Christian, honest individual. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their car serviced.


Made it quick and easy! I highly recommend you buy from Kenny.


Kenny is the best!


I have been dealing with them for many years and I have never had a bad experience. Their vehicles are top quality and reasonably priced. I would recommend this company to everyone.


Had repairs done to my car and they did a great job.


If you need your car repaired, talk to Harry--he gave me the best customer service I've ever had at a body shop! I had to get some body repair work from R&R, brought my car in on a Wednesday, and told them I had a job I needed my car to get to on Saturday. While the original estimate had me picking up my car on a Friday, he called me to let me know about a setback that meant I couldn't pick up until Saturday. When I mentioned that this would be a huge problem for me, Harry expedited the rest of the repair and had my car ready for me by 5:30 on Friday! He even knocked 50 bucks off my deductible, since he couldn't both wash the car and have it ready for me on time. He really took my needs to heart and made sure I had my car back on time. Thanks, Harry!


I recently had an accident and Drew came promptly to pick up my vehicle. He took extra care with it since it was a custom vehicle. I had stuff in the vehicle and he accommodated me and allowed me to come and get my stuff even though it was a weekend and they were closed. Their work and customer service was exceptional.


Great place for a great running vehicle..I bought 3 trucks from Kenny. Treats you like family.


The people here are so friendly and easy to work with


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